LunarG’s SeeMeGaming SDK enables mobile games to capture gameplay and post to YouTube and social networks. It’s free and simple to use, and enables your users to easily share their favorite gaming experiences with their friends, accelerating your word-of-mouth marketing in the process.

How SeeMeGaming Works

PC screen capture tools read back the pixels after rendering is complete. Graphics processors are fast, but they are also highly pipelined. Sync’ing the graphics pipeline and reversing the pipeline to read the screen places a significant burden on the graphics processor. This negatively impacts the game play experience, even on a high powered desktop machine.

SeeMeGaming takes a different approach to capturing game play. We capture the graphics command stream before it is handed over to the graphics hardware for rendering. This removes the need for stalling or reversing the graphics pipeline, resulting in higher frame rates and a captured session that is much more compact.

In fact, our approach is so light weight that there is zero degradation in game play for casual games like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja running on today’s mobile devices.

Next, we take this light weight approach to game capture and make it even lighter. First, no rendering and video encoding is needed to review game play on the device. We simply replay the command stream so the user can select which sessions they want to share via their social networks. Shared sessions are then uploaded to the cloud using our graphics stream compression technology that achieves better than 10:1 lossless compression. In the cloud we render and encode the shared stream at high resolution without slowing down your device and draining your battery. The resulting video is automatically posted to YouTube and/or your FaceBook Account.

This simple and light weight gameplay capture solution is available to mobile game developers via the SeeMeGaming SDK.